The story behind the music.

Based in Toronto, Canada, this duo explores acoustic possibilities crossing several genres in a subtle organic style. Influenced by a variety of music, elements of rock, blues, jazz, classical and funk can be found throughout the Gryffyn playlist.

Nneka's emotion filled vocals are displayed in songs about life, love, loss, freedom, adversity, good, evil and the ever changing technological world, among other things. Edward James' instrumental plays on the darker side of the sunny side of the street. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes crunchy - all Gryffyn.

Currently promoting their independent debut LP "GRYFFYN", the duo is actively seeking distribution, licensing and publishing deals. Currently they are finalizing tracks for their follow up album "BARELY SKIN DEEP" with plans to return to the studio soon after to record a third release.

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other inspirations of gryffyn

The melodies, hooks, changes and lyrics can easily be repacked for different musical tastes. We have worked with top artists on remixes and original tracks including Pezzner, Mark Farina, Lurob, Bert De Baere and others. We look forward to collaborating with future artists on many projects.

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In Your Eyes

From the self-titled debut album
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